As I leant my head back I felt your hands carefully hold my neck,
as if you knew that from all the sore life gave me,
all that I needed was your ocean of love to effortlessly carry me.

In a world where life makes you believe that the surface matters more than what`s inside.
You found me running around the same path up and down.
Hoping to find something on the way that I can carry with me to survive.
I don´t think I felt anything like this before. My body carried itself away and became patternless.
More and more I started to loose shape and my soul found its way to connect to every single vain that flows through my body.

I don´t know how I landed here. But I know that every time I would call you, you would answer with words as sweet as a fruit can taste.

What is it? This pureness that met me. In the minds of nowhere it found me drowning, holding my hands up above the ocean`s surface.

What is it? That makes me trust while floating on the bed of your waters without having to swim and care about this worldly rushhour, I ask myself.

I then understood that the borders of body and soul opened the gates.
I started to wear my heart on my sleeves. Everything I touch and hold from now on is surrounded by your divine beauty.

By your endless grace and power. By the love of you for me and me for you and everything you created.

Modestly leaving this earth with the longing of seeing you on the other side.

Dear God.
Poem written by Amira Zarari
Video and photos by Lynn Martin and Kevin Brari
The shapes and colors emphasize the intimacy with nature and its boundless diversity -
as diverse as the landscapes of this earth are,
so are you.
Die erste SET THE TONE Kampagne „Blurred Landscapes“, fotografiert von Susan Buth.
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Die körperliche Gestalt löst sich auf und verschmilzt mit ihrer Umgebung
Fotografiert von Vincent Sylvain